SONGBATTLE - battling for songs?!


Have you always wished to sing like the guys/girls in "Pitch Perfect"? You were always watching that TV show "Tähed muusikas" with your parents on Saturday evenings and you were screaming the answers right before the contestants?

Now it's your time to shine, because Tartu Student Days brings you the long awaited SONGBATTLE! Songbattle is an american-spirited singing competition, where even more than singing is important that how many songs can you think with every given keyword. Topics are from all kinds of fields, your only task is to think a bit and catch the rhythm.

After the Songbattle there is going to be one amazing Karaoke, so that you won't miss your favourite songs at all. Are you a natural talent or can we only hear you singing on Sweden cruise ships, it doesn't matter because we guarantee it's going to be super fun. Just come and let your voice shine!

Suured Sõbrad:

See you at the festival!