Traditional Students Night Song Festival comes again! This spring we have made some changes – one of those is that the location is going to be totally different. Over time the song festival has been held in Tartu Town Hall Square, in Kassitoome and in the song festival grounds of Tartu. This year we decided to change the location in order to make a fresh look to the event and to bring back the real student spirit – we are moving from Tartu song festival grounds to Tartu Snowpark!

Over the time the team of Student Days has got some feedback, that our song festival is fading the student spirit and the youthfulness and that it looks more like a concert. Due to that, we decided to change the location. We want to get all of you out of your comfort zone and we want to offer you an experience, which will last forever. We believe that the Tartu Snowpark has the potential to become a new Kassitoome, which has enough room for everyone, and where many locals have never been to. We are convinced, that we have found a perfect alternative for Kassitoome, and we are sure that you will love it!

By the way, this year we also have a ticket for Students Night Song Festival. it’s going to be 1 € - just as much as one bar of a chocolate. We are using the ticket sales to cover the costs, because organizing an event as big as a song festival, requires us to have huge expenditures. This year there is no need to worry about the lyrics – all the best songs will be put together into a PDF-form, and will be released  soon!

Come and sing with us in 24th of April, and let all the people in Tartu hear us!

Want to know, who of your friends are going? Find out HERE!

Suured Sõbrad:

See you at the festival!