The most delicious and best priced coffee in Tartu


It’s your first morning in your new hometown Tartu. Most of the things you have already unpacked and you have bought some new things but your missing the equipment to make coffee with. However, your body is absolutely craving for coffee.


But your French press did not fit at all in your suitcase when the moving day arrived. This means it’s absolutely necessary to go hunt for coffee in the town. At the same time you remember your parents’ advice to spend as much as needed but as little as possible. But where in Tartu can you buy coffee which doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet? We have done some research for the students and will present five of our favourite places to get some good and moderately priced coffee.


Säde coffee shop

Rüütli 4


Säde is located on Rüütli 4 - right in the city center, very close to the Town Hall Square. They offer a variety of coffee drinks - espresso costs 1.6€, a small cappuccino 2.7€ and a small latte 2.8€. In addition to the coffee drinks they also offer some good snacks and meals - warm paninos, delicious wraps and salads and of course croissants. Säde is a place which feels a bit like a second library - a lot of university students love to study there.

If you want to study, meet lots of friends and sip some warm coffee at the same time then Säde is just the right coffee place for you!


Väike Deli

Küütri 2

It appears as if the moderately priced coffee places are located in the same area. Väike Deli is located on Küütri 2 and ..wait for it.. the price for coffee is just 1 euro!

As for location, it’s just a few steps away from Rüütli street. If you missed your breakfast, then you can grab a delicious wrap, baguette or a salad alongside your coffee. They have a great variety of everything to suit everybody’s taste.

Cafe Krempel

Rüütli 12

When you walk across Rüütli street you’ll soon see a sign inviting you to the next great cafe in Tartu- to Krempel. Krempel is the dream place of all coffee lovers - they serve the biggest coffee in Tartu, the coffee cup looks huge as if the coffee was served in a soup bowl. Cappuccino costs 2.9€ and coffee with milk is 2.4€. Krempel’s atmosphere is very cosy and even bit fairy-like. This is also a place which students prefer for studying or doing group work while sipping coffee and feasting on blueberry-bacon pancakes.



Toome Hill


When you take a turn on the right from Rüütli street and climb up the Lossi street, you will find a roundly shaped cafe on top of the Toome Hill called Rotund. The coffee there costs 1.2€, but if you have already come this far to get some coffee, be sure not to leave without the legendary pastries of this cafe. If you are lucky enough to be there on time when the cinnamon rolls are still warm’s almost as if you have just won the lottery!


Cafe Gustav

Riia 1


If you roll down the hill after eating some pastries and walk on Küüni street, you will find a cosy cafe just on the first floor of Kaubamaja, accessible from the street. Cafe Gustav, which fascinates with its cute and colorful interior elements, serves great coffee and great meal-offers during the day. The cappuccino costs 2.5€ and espresso 2€. Be sure to try their oh-so delicious cakes!


In addition to great coffee, Tartu can offer you some great experiences. Be sure to check out the events of Tartu Student Days, starting from September 24.

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