University Culture Club

University Culture Club is a non profitable organization which has 22 active members who are all currently students or have been students of one of Tartu's colleges. Culture Club's main purpose is organizing Tartu Student Days festival. Active members are all supported, advised and guided by former members, who are inside the Club lovingly called the Fossils. The organizers of Tartu Student Days have operated under the name University Culture Club since 1987. Therefore, all the members carry on about 40 year old tradition.

Together with a lot of will, bubbling energy and very good time planning, all the crazy and exciting ideas are formed into about 20 thrilling events. And so with our many wonderful co-organizers, events the University Culture Club puts together a superb festival week twice a year full of excitement and fun.

For maximum efficiency all the members are divided into eight teams:

  • Program team:

Is in charge of the festivals diverse programme. Their mission is also to communicate with all our co-organizers and see to the fact that all their events are properly represented in Tartu Student Days programme. Inside the club they hold all the information about our inside events.

  • Media team:

Takes care that all the important information about the festival and the events would get through all the right channels to YOU, dear participants.

  • Marketing team:

Is in charge of all the promoting events and materials of the festival. All and all their crazy ideas, lets you know loudly that the festival is starting in Tartu very soon.

  • Sponsor  team:

Creates and keeps good relationships with all the small and big supporters and sponsors of the festival.

  • Tech team:

Makes sure that our website and all our technical gear would be working properly. And of course gives technical advice to all the organizers.

  • Logistics team:

Is in charge of all the transportation during the festival. Makes sure that all the chairs, tables, technical gear and all our other important gadgets would be in the right place at the right time.

  • Human Resources team:

Their job is to keep all the members of the University Culture Club happy, well rested and motivated. In other words, they organize all our inside events, camps and schooling.

  • Project writing team:

Writes projects for different foundations for financial support.

All of these teams are conducted by our project manager who motivates, helps and guides us, takes all the responsibility and is basically the captain of our ship.

All the activities in University Culture Clube are regulated by our general ledger (it is being renewed at the moment).

University Culture Club thanks all its supporters, sponsors, Co-organizers, friends and of course all the participants. Without all of you we would not have these two wonderful festival weeks every year.

You have a great idea for an event? You want to join us? Write to us to Admission of new members will start in September.

Suured Sõbrad:

See you at the festival!