The mascot of Tartu Student Days - Villem

Is it a rat, a wolf or a fox? No, Villem is a dog and a yellow one at that. He is the funniest, most playful and friendly dog around. And most importantly very faithful- he has been with us at every event for over ten years.

Why is the mascot of Tartu Student Days a dog?  Well, because a dog is a true friend who listens to you, eases your troubles and is happy to do anything with you. Be it sporting or singing.

Villem was born in 2002 when a member of University Culture Club Kristjan Rattus drew the first picture of him. The playful little pup was first taken to town to meet the public in spring 2003. But the pup was still lacking a name back then. In Autumn the name was chosen in a tough competition. There were many other considerable options like: Pitsu, Vello-Vallatu, Mupsik, Tilbik Rebane, Tupsu, Õllesõber, Põnta, Krinksu, but after long debates the name was chosen and the mascot of Student Days was named Villem. In autumn 2012 Villem celebrated his 10th birthday.

But after all these years Villem has not lost his playfulness and he is still there with us when it is time to do a little morning workout at Wake-Up Call, sing at the Night Song Festival or somersault at the Spring Aerobics. 

Suured Sõbrad:

See you at the festival!